Monday, October 17, 2016

The process of building a wing

The process of building a wing

*Post updated course of work*

I chose this profile Profiles Template
Profiles Template

Preparation of profiles:

Then use a new method to create a very good profile.

and cutting aluminum for profiles template.

For profiles I've used with balsa 1.5mm 

Location profiles in the mold
 13 profiles for each side

 Unfortunately no pictures of the process of refinishing and cutting of profiles...
After refinishing of profiles.

Final result.

In conclusion:
I highly recommend this method of preparation of the the profiles only if your profile is symmetrical,
Because it is very accurate and easy to work
I think the most correct method creates a profile symmetrically equal on both sides.


Placing the profiles and test measurements.

Continued work and testing before gluing.

 Placing beam and flow edge.

Continue work on the wing.

I chose a steering axis of sig.

Closing a box structure.

Wing tip:


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